We Know How Annoying it can be …

to have to read or even see the self serving things that people (we people included) post to further their own interests. But here’s the thing … we forget on a daily basis that we bring value to the world — and it takes an out-of-the-blue email like the one below (and lot’s of praying) to remind us that what we do is worthwhile.

Thank you for the reminder Sierra and thank you [Christina] Sierra’s Mom!

keith and barbara,

sierra and i met you back in jan in broward [FL] and i was hesitant in getting the book since she was only 20 months old. at first i was skeptical but we took the book and cd on our asia trip for 2.5 months. she lived and breathed green golly. at not even 2 years old, she was saying “green golly, green golly, let your hair down to me” in her toddler voice. we both LOVE the book! thank you so much and i’m so glad you both convinced me to get the book and started her on listening to classical music!”

                               [Christina and Sierra]


Know the value of the gift you are in this world

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