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LKLS CD StampSweet and Silly Songs: 2016 marks the release of our delightful collection of sweet and silly songs for children: Little Kids Little Songs: Audience 101. You and yours can climb a tree, fly like an airplane, oodle to your heart’s content, make a nice big pizza pie and get rid of monsters (we have to say this last one quietly because the monsters get really upset) !!! 

Curriculum Complete: Of course you all know that we’ve been in the process of creating a curriculum that accompanies the live performance and book of Green Golly – well at last it’s complete and we’re now on to piloting it in 3 school districts in 2016. Chicago, IL and Sandusky, OH in April and East Hanover, NJ in May. In addition we’re in discussion with the Juilliard School regarding a possible collaboration

Heading East, Far East: Looks like we’ll boating back to China in 2016 as Green Golly has been invited once again to teach in their conservatories and perform in a major Beijing venue.

New Team Member: With Stefanie Chaiken as our new agent/manager we’re looking forward to bringing classical music to thousands more children worldwide. In fact it looks like we’ll be adding a bi-lingual version: English and Spanish!

2nd Edition: Ooh, ooh, ooh — the second edition of Green Golly and Her Golden Flute is coming out soon with a delightfully colorful cover and a new forward (by another famous flutist). barbara pretty with flute

Expanding Exploding: Green Golly has thousands of little fans around the globe and one big fan in the Bay Area who’s been following our efforts for the past 5 years or so. Ken Fax of Alexander Networks is a social media expert and consultant for Silicon Valley companies whose passionate interest in music education is helping us gain greater visibility and secure the kind of funding that will assist Green Golly in expanding into the educational tech market.

Wintering in Warmer Climes: In less than 2 weeks we’ll be rolling on down to South Florida for a January and February performance tour (Broward, Palm, Martin and Monroe Counties) of Green Golly, Now We Can Sing, and Little Kids Little Songs: Audience 101. While in Florida we’ll also be giving the My Story My Song: workshop in creativity and collaboration at the Mandel Library in West Palm and BEING onstage: Acting for Musicians workshop at the Florida Flute Fair in Orlando.Keith on the way to Record Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late: and lastly but not leastly yours truly (Keith Torgan) has stepped into the recording studio to record the songs that make up his life’s work. Be on the lookout.

Thank You: for all the contributions you make in the world. Have a wonderful new year.

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