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“Music is the most – perhaps the only – truly transcendent form of communication we have. Why then is it not part of the required curriculum in schools? More than spoken language – it’s a communication that needs no translation.” 

The purpose of the Green Golly Project is to draw children, parents and teachers to the study and practice of music as an empowering and vital building block in the development of a child’s intellect.

9In the fall of 2013 Eifrig Publishing released the Green Golly Project’s illustrated storybook version of their acclaimed live performance Green Golly and Her Golden Flute.  They created the book knowing that it could enable them to broaden their reach and expose more and more children to music through the use of literature, reading and language arts. Unfortunately in these days of tight school budgets, and the implementation of the Common Core curriculums, music education has been one of the first subjects cut from many schools across America. At the same time more and more empirical evidence has proved that the study of music and/or a musical instrument helps children become better learners, and even has an effect on brain development in children.

While searching for a solution to the difficult problem of limited or no music education for children the Green Golly Project’s creators came upon the idea of integrating music education with reading and language arts so that teachers would be able to seamlessly include music in their daily lessons. They believe that the utilization of the Green Golly book will enable classroom teachers to effortlessly integrate music education into their teaching.



We are currently developing an add-on program to the ELA curriculum, which will be designed to be easily and painlessly integrated into daily classroom studies. This is a music curriculum to be used by classroom teachers even in schools without music programs. It is to be used in conjunction with the Green Golly book and will demonstrate the connections between music, English language arts, reading and history as per the core curriculum guidelines


The GGP plans to use each of the different experiences to inform the curriculum, especially focusing on the schools without music departments and schools with limited programs.  The best approach is a short 8-10 week add-on that can lead up to a live performance in either the school working with the curriculum, or with the local orchestra, and if  that is not possible, a video of the live performance in the school’s auditorium.

Additional Green Golly Project Programs

The Animated Series

The animated series is the engine and possibly the most important element of the GGP’s mission. Reaching children on a visceral and emotional level through an animated TV show, in which they experience the value of and develop the desire to become active learners. They will see the power of discipline and want to master it. The program will inspire children to learn a musical instrument and learn about the many kinds of music which will be available to them throughout their lives.

If successful this series will have the broadest reach of all our programs and has the capability of reaching children and parents in their homes and will stimulate and inspire the desire to learn about music, storytelling, history, visual art and more.

This is an opportunity to transcend cultures in a non-school setting. Through the use of story and play we can capture the hearts, imaginations and desires of children.

Live Performances

The live performance of Green Golly and Her Golden Flute, directed by Broadway and triple Obie award winner Elinor Renfield is the initial contact with the character of Green Golly and all the other Green Golly characters, as well as live masterful performing in conjunction with the award winning book.  The performance is the gateway through which the children enter into the magical world of Green Golly, hearing classical music for the first time, hearing flute,  seeing the animated projections of the illustrations,  seeing the book, music and more.


Orchestra’s are engaged in creating future audiences. The combination of the Green Golly story and the Acting for Musicians workshop will empower orchestral players to foray deeper into the education process. When the students complete the curriculum they may attend a live performance of Green Golly with a local orchestra.

Performing Arts Centers

Performing Arts Centers have family series as well as programs for schools where the students are bused in.  Like the orchestra’s the PAC’s can be the culminating event of the add-on curriculum where students will attend the live performance after the two month learning experience in class with their classroom teacher.  It all ties in well with the curriculum development as a package that will teach children about music through the core (stem) curriculum and will help them make real connections between music, their standard subjects and live performance even if they have had little music education.

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