In order to generate an America more empathetic to the struggle and worth of the ‘other’ and the immigrant we have initiated a nationwide community of ‘events’ where people can tell the tale of their family’s first Americans by doing something as as simple as sharing an old family recipe or as complicated as creating and performing an original song or story.

immigrants-ellis-island-granger We are living in a nation divided by social and political differences that often appear irreparable. “My 1st American” is an opportunity to create peace through empathy and the discovery of commonality.

Though many of us were born here – someone in our family was either born elsewhere or had to struggle to become a fully accepted member of our society. This is an opportunity for all Americans — Native Americans, immigrants, Americans brought here by force, children of immigrants, great and greater grand children of immigrants – any and all Americans, to create a song, story, monologue, scene, painting, cartoon – any short work that tells the tale of the first Americans in their families. Where did they come from? Why did they leave? How did they manage the journey? Who did they leave behind?

‘My 1st Americans’ is both an individual and a ‘community’ project! Communities of individuals are invited – be they schools, businesses, arts communities, communities of faith, any and all – to create events all over the country at which participants can perform their stories. In addition, they will be able to launch their stories onto the ‘My 1st American’ Facebook page which serves as a virtual hub for communities around the country.

This is a chance for all of us, regardless of political, social, religious or racial differences to discover and celebrate our lineage, take part in the journey and share it with the world. If we can revive and tell the tale of the First Americans in our family then perhaps we can empathize with, welcome, and empower the new immigrant.

to create your event email us at

Every single day there’s a new article about how music education aids cognitive development and every single day there’s a school system that cuts its music program. CURRICULIVE: Putting the SSSSSSteAm in S.T.E.M.

Curriculive is an interactive, interdisciplinary, curriculum embedded in a series of animated storybooks with the powerful addition of live performances that enable classroom teachers – not music teachers — but classroom teachers to easily and simply integrate music into their regular lesson plans, whether they are teaching Math, Science, English or Social Studies.

Curriculive can be life altering for children for through it’s revolutionary integration of music into any subject it has the capacity to improve math, science and reading scores and to turn bored disinterested students into passionate hungry learners. We call it Curriculive because it brings learning to life by helping students develop an emotional connection with all their subjects.

The Curriculive Team members are thought leaders, community builders and artist disrupters. Barbara Siesel is a Juilliard trained musician, entrepreneur and educator who left her university position to dedicate herself to bringing classical music and music education to children. Keith Torgan is an award winning author, songwriter, guitarist, actor, storyteller and entrepreneur. Emily Thomson Schweer is an award winning educator, curriculum writer and musician.

Every single day there’s a new article about how music education aids cognitive development and every single day there’s a school system that cuts its music program. We’ve seen this first hand — we’ve been touring the country for 11 years presenting our award winning live programs to thousands of children and because the results have been so extraordinary we feel it’s important to make Curriculive available to millions more children around the world.

This coming school year there will be 2 Curriculive prototypes in action. One that ties English Language Arts to music and one that ties Social Studies to music. One in the elementary schools and one in the High Schools. One based on a fairytale and one based on significant historical events. We’ve heard from the many teachers in our pilot programs in Chicago, New York City and Florida that the children love learning this way and the teachers love teaching this way.

Curriculive was created with the intention of helping children become innovative, thoughtful, creative thinkers in this rapidly changing world and we’re pleased to be part of it.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Curriculive email us at

We Know How Annoying it can be …

to have to read or even see the self serving things that people (we people included) post to further their own interests. But here’s the thing … we forget on a daily basis that we bring value to the world — and it takes an out-of-the-blue email like the one below (and lot’s of praying) to remind us that what we do is worthwhile.

Thank you for the reminder Sierra and thank you [Christina] Sierra’s Mom!

keith and barbara,

sierra and i met you back in jan in broward [FL] and i was hesitant in getting the book since she was only 20 months old. at first i was skeptical but we took the book and cd on our asia trip for 2.5 months. she lived and breathed green golly. at not even 2 years old, she was saying “green golly, green golly, let your hair down to me” in her toddler voice. we both LOVE the book! thank you so much and i’m so glad you both convinced me to get the book and started her on listening to classical music!”

                               [Christina and Sierra]


Know the value of the gift you are in this world

The Green Golly Golly Good Gazette

LKLS CD StampSweet and Silly Songs: 2016 marks the release of our delightful collection of sweet and silly songs for children: Little Kids Little Songs: Audience 101. You and yours can climb a tree, fly like an airplane, oodle to your heart’s content, make a nice big pizza pie and get rid of monsters (we have to say this last one quietly because the monsters get really upset) !!! 

Curriculum Complete: Of course you all know that we’ve been in the process of creating a curriculum that accompanies the live performance and book of Green Golly – well at last it’s complete and we’re now on to piloting it in 3 school districts in 2016. Chicago, IL and Sandusky, OH in April and East Hanover, NJ in May. In addition we’re in discussion with the Juilliard School regarding a possible collaboration

Heading East, Far East: Looks like we’ll boating back to China in 2016 as Green Golly has been invited once again to teach in their conservatories and perform in a major Beijing venue.

New Team Member: With Stefanie Chaiken as our new agent/manager we’re looking forward to bringing classical music to thousands more children worldwide. In fact it looks like we’ll be adding a bi-lingual version: English and Spanish!

2nd Edition: Ooh, ooh, ooh — the second edition of Green Golly and Her Golden Flute is coming out soon with a delightfully colorful cover and a new forward (by another famous flutist). barbara pretty with flute

Expanding Exploding: Green Golly has thousands of little fans around the globe and one big fan in the Bay Area who’s been following our efforts for the past 5 years or so. Ken Fax of Alexander Networks is a social media expert and consultant for Silicon Valley companies whose passionate interest in music education is helping us gain greater visibility and secure the kind of funding that will assist Green Golly in expanding into the educational tech market.

Wintering in Warmer Climes: In less than 2 weeks we’ll be rolling on down to South Florida for a January and February performance tour (Broward, Palm, Martin and Monroe Counties) of Green Golly, Now We Can Sing, and Little Kids Little Songs: Audience 101. While in Florida we’ll also be giving the My Story My Song: workshop in creativity and collaboration at the Mandel Library in West Palm and BEING onstage: Acting for Musicians workshop at the Florida Flute Fair in Orlando.Keith on the way to Record Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late: and lastly but not leastly yours truly (Keith Torgan) has stepped into the recording studio to record the songs that make up his life’s work. Be on the lookout.

Thank You: for all the contributions you make in the world. Have a wonderful new year.

PS: Please help make Green Golly Greener …

Donate now!

“I think it’s time to move on!” said the witch to Green Golly — and so the lovely Ms. Green motored on to Motown!!!

GG30In just a few days the Green Golly Project will be flying off to Detroit for a seven performance tour. On the 8th of November at 1:00 PM the Green’s will be performing at the Berman Center for the Performing arts accompanied by the nine wonderful musicians of the BBSO Chamber Ensemble. From there they’ll be doing Little Kids Little Songs: Audience 101 the prequel to every program every done for children everywhere (sans ensemble) as well as the uplifting and moving Now We Can Sing on November 11th for Kristalnacht (not for kids). Completing the week on the 14th of November at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial the fabulous BBSO Chamber Ensemble will once again be joining in on the fun.

Wish us Happy Motoring everyone !!!

Extra! Extra! Green Golly Project Awarded Matching Grant!!

Dear Friends,

Great news! The Ars Veritas Foundation an initiative of the Dr. David Milch Foundation, just gave us a three thousand dollar grant to fund the curriculum we’ve been talking about. On top of that they’ve generously offered a dollar for dollar match !!!

Just to remind you what this is all about there are lots of schools across the country that have lost their music programming to budget cuts. If you’re as concerned as we are then you’ll be pleased to know that we’re doing something about it. The Green Golly Project is developing an eight lesson English Language Arts/Music Curriculum to be used by classroom teachers in these schools that have lost their music programs.

The total monies required to complete Part I of the curriculum in time for our fall pilot in Chicago is $12,000. Every dollar donated will be matched — of course there’s a catch — all donations must post no later than midnight Friday, July 31st.

The initial success of the pilot will enable the Green Golly Project to:

  • test for changes and/or improvements to the curriculum
  • insure that the curriculum will be available in all 2nd and 3rd grade classes in the Chicago School System
  • demonstrate the power and value of this curriculum to underserved school systems throughout the US
  • create the fully digital interactive ebook version of the illustrated Green Golly & Her Golden Flute audio book embedded with curriculum making it readily available to children in and out of schools throughout the US and around the world.


We believe that the Green Golly Music/English Language Arts curriculum will make a huge difference in the lives of children. No donation is too small or too large and is completely tax deductible.

Donate now!Gratefully Yours,

Keith & Barbara

PS: If you know of a school that needs this curriculum get in touch with us and we’ll do everything we can to include them in the 2015/16 Green Golly & Her Golden Flute Curriculum Pilot!

The Green Golly Gazette!

The Green Golly Project is having a wonderfully busy fall and winter —  a veritable whirlwind of travel and performances in the US and abroad.  Highlights of the season include three weeks of recitals and performances in Northern California with a concerto with the San Jose Chamber Orchestra, teaching and coaching at the San Francisco Flute Festival and of course performing for children throughout the Bay Area.

Barbara giving a master class at the Barbara's master class at the San Francisco International Flute Festival

Teaching a master class at the San Francisco International Flute Festival

From San Francisco we flew to China for two weeks. Barbara was honored to be invited to teach flute master classes by Professor Peter Chen at the China Conservatory of Music in Beijing and the Northwest University for Nationalities and the Northwest Normal University in Lanzhou (Northwest China). In addition Keith worked with flute students to assist them in discovering ways to connect more deeply and freely to their emotions, their instruments and their audiences .

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Why Music?

“Music is important for the development of cultural understanding; it nurtures growth – spiritual, physical and intellectual growth – all of which lead to the greater enrichment of humanity.”
Vivianne Asturizaga, Bolivia, Flutist

People know the reasons that music has value – it’s said again and again; good for the brain, aids in math, soothes the soul. Teachers and parents and scientists and artists all insist that music has value – but does it – really?

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